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Backtest 1000s of strategies over decades of asset data in seconds.

Trader Account Management and Technology - For Prop Firms, Hedge Funds, and Family Offices

Revolutionizing the Prop Firm and Hedge Fund Industry

UT Account Link® Trading Software

*Contact us for institutional pricing. Pricing includes full system installation, training and 24/7 Support.

Using the best Algo's for trader consistency

Invest in the future of trading firms. We are changing the game.

  • Algorithm’s created in real-time by real traders around the world.
  • Automated or manual “mirror” trading technology.
  • Applied to all global markets and exchanges.
  • Trader Account Management
  • Full-Control of Accounts
  • Easy Funds Transfers / Account Alerting System
  • Customize Stop-Losses and Position Sizes
Trader Recruitment
Trader Recruitment
Our evaluation program allows only the most disciplined and profitable traders in the world to join our team.
Mirror Trading Technology
Mirror Trading Technology
Our system detects profitable trading patterns amongst our most profitable and consistent traders. This data is used to ``mirror`` trade much larger positions in our main portfolio.
Data Sharing
Data Sharing
Our extensive trading data is compiled and shared in real-time.
Global Trading Team
Our Traders

We currently have traders recruited from 12 different countries.

Evaluation Fees
Revenue Sources

Evaluation fees provide just under 10% of our operating revenue.

Trading Fees
Revenue Sources

We charge 20% of profits to all of our traders. However our firm takes in 100% profit on mirror trades with our additional funds.

Data Sharing
Revenue Sources

Live market data and our data sharing outlets provide our firm with additional revenue.

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(848) 240 8311
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