Steps to get FUNDED - Receive your first profit payment in less than two weeks.

How does the process work?

Evaluation Phase

Trading Audition

Evaluation stage consists of taking a trading audition.

Evaluation is completed on a Demo Account in LIVE|REAL Market conditions.

You have an unlimited period of time to complete your auditions.

You have no minimum trading days. Yes, we have had people pass our audition in less then (1) day.

24 hour or less turn around to a Live Trading Account upon passing.

You will be given the same account size that your live account will be for your audition.

In order to pass you must reach a 10% Profit of the account size.

You must not let the account go below 10% of its Original Balance.

You must not reach a Daily Loss of 10% or higher of your Daily Opening Balance.

You must pass the evaluation TWICE in order to receive a LIVE TRADING ACCOUNT.

Evaluations must be passed consecutively. Meaning if you pass an evaluation and fail the second evaluation, you will still need to pass two evaluations.

Advanced Phase

Funded Stage

Trading on a Live-Account to get Paid “Real-Money”.

Account is setup under a demo account.

Demo account is connected to our Master Brokerage Account using our Patent Pending Software UT ACCOUNTLINK. This sends your live trades in REAL-TIME into our firms Master Brokerage Account.

After completing your evaluation. You will now be on a 75/25 Profit Split in your favor. 

After 30 Live Trading Days you will be eligible for account scaling. If you reach a 10% Profit within the 30 Trading Days your account will increase in size by 50%. If/when you scale, the process will reset. If you reach a 10% profit within the next 30 Trading Days you will scale up 50% again. Once the initial 30 Trading days have passed, you can request a scale up increase at anytime you reach an additional 10% profit. For example, you scale after the first 30 days. If the next week you make a 10% profit, you will be immediately eligible to scale again.

Profit withdraws are permitted every 30 Days. 

You have no profit requirement. However, as in the evaluation, you must not draw the account down 10% or more of its original balance. You must not reach a Daily loss of 10% or more of you daily starting equity balance.

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